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Teamwork Solution

In our group of companies, there are over 80 businesses reflecting our 20 plus years of cooperate experience. In order to interoperate all the businesses to work efficiently as a whole rather than individually, it was a tough task. With this “Teamwork Solution Software”, our lives are easier to manage and before we know it Teamwork has become an integral part of our own business practice. More>>>



Blue Intelligence is a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner providing consultation, solution implementation and support services using the best-in-class technology, which are heavily invested and continuously improved by Microsoft. Blue Intelligence's experts are the FIRST and ONLY team in Asia that has hands-on experiences in working with the Microsoft Customer Relationship Management Solution since the first launch of MS CRM Version 1.0 in the United States in 2003 (MS CRM was launched in Asia in 2004). IT solutions providers in Thailand have turned to Blue Intelligence for expert advices on Microsoft CRM “Best Practices”. (For other Microsoft Business Solutions Partners,Blue Intelligence can gladly provide consultations on Microsoft CRM). More>>>


Businesses are getting more complex, technologies are more advanced, we know how to help you mix them together and generate maximum outputs. More>>>

Stragic is a Business Consulting, IT Solutions and Outsourcing firm specialized in helping the client builds high performance organization by equipping modern business management practice & technique as well as IT to effectively gear the business to achieve its objectives & goals.More>>>


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