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Balanced Scorecard


The client asked DMJC to assess if there are major bottlenecks in the organization that prevents them from achieving their growth strategy. The client has multiple businesses in Thailand and other South East Asian countries and more than 1,500 staff.

After a quick analysis two drivers appeared to be the cause of ineffective use of resources to achieve strategy:

  • Growth Strategy was not well communicated and understood
  • KPI’s of employees where not aligned with the strategic goals
  • Insufficient data to understand status of strategy implementation


  • Review Strategic goals (short-term, mid-term, long-term)
  • Understand and confirm major value drivers to the business
  • Create strategy map
  • Develop balanced KPI sets for major functions that link to strategy, address major business pain points and have good compromise between individual and shared KPI’s to not contradict with target corporate culture
  • Close GAP’s for KPI measurement buy using simple pragmatic tools to consolidate data from IT systems and tracking tools
  • Clean up current KPI’s and communicate Strategy with KPI to respective stakeholders
  • Centralize KPI measurement in one single unit to achieve good governance over people’s objectives


  • 2 months after project start key stakeholders confirmed to understand the strategy better and hence can take better decisions based on overall corporate strategy
  • 3 months after project the measurement system was implemented without additional investments in IT systems
  • People work more effective due to better alignment of KPI’s
    • People collaborate on critical organization interfaces due to shared KPI’s
    • People waste less time on value adding tasks
  • Less administrative effort for performance measurement due to standardization and centralization throughout all office locations in Thailand
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