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Pragmatic CRM Implementation
Business Challenge
  • The company provides services to more than 5,000 customers throughout Thailand
  • Customers complain that service levels are decreasing while the company was growing substantially
  • Serving customers becomes a race to react on urgent issues
  • More and more customers start looking for alternatives and cancel their service contracts
  • No systems to support customer relationship management was available - any system implementation would take too long to improve the situation
  • Resources are extremely stretched - hardly any time available to implement changes

  • Conduct comprehensive assessment on current CRM processes and tools
  • Clarify Marketing and Sales Strategy and align customer segmentation
  • Identify good practices and roll out to others
  • Utilize simple excel spread sheets to increase government
  • Utilize outsourced call center to capture client information
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities for key CRM processes and follow up on implementation

  • Within a couple of weeks, the company had reliable information about major customer activities
  • Solutions were accepted by respective people due to perceived pragmatism and tangible value
  • Organization gradually escaped the urgency mode and could focus better on high value customers
  • The organization experienced the benefits of CRM which will help during the planned larger CRM initiative in the future
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