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Target Organization Blueprint

Business Challenge 

  • The company grew very fast over the past 10 years
  • The company offers multiple services that are partly very different in terms of nature and challenge
  • Changes in the market environment forced the company to conduct frequent organization changes that increased the overall complexity of business operations
  • Most change efforts didn't realize expected benefits mostly due to resistance of key people in the organization



  • Re-assess company strategy and objectives and derive success criteria for the future organization structure
  • Design organization blueprint and get feedback from key people in the organization
  • Address all issues with logical reasoning and number support
  • Market new organization structure to key opinion leaders
  • Design business transition program



  • Identified and clarified miss-understandings about corporate strategy within middle management
  • Key people have common understanding about company objectives and why the new target organization structure is supporting these objectives - this is a major success criteria for implementation
  • Target Organization Structure accepted and understood by top and mid management
  • Pragmatic 'entrepreneurial' implementation plan accepted by the management to be suitable to address risk to day to day organization and business urgency
  • 100% of the 17 top and mid management confirmed the new direction in a confidential vote
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