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IT Organization Turnaround

Business Challenge

  • The IT department admitted that they can deliver on only 50% of the committed functionalities for their next three releases
  • The business is strongly dependent on new functionalities to maintain their competitive advantage
  • Many key resources left the company after an aggressive reorganization (Offshoring)


  • Conduct organization Audit to understand the real problems
  • Stop Offshoring plans, roll back re-org and hire key resources back (as possible)
  • Add Offshore programming resources on the side to support existing programming teams
  • Create Masterplan to gain transparency about overall resource allocation
  • Set-up Task Force (PMO) with external project managers to deliver ongoing projects


  • All releases delivered in time, scope and quality
  • Many efficiency bottlenecks closed
  • Employees re-motivated to stay and perform in the company
  • Better planning processes to avoid re-occurrence of the situation
  • Plan for moderate offshoring to save programming costs where appropriate
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