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Management is more than just applying standard Management Concepts - it requires diligent analysis, creativity, a deep understanding of people, and commitment

DMJC acknowledges that every client is unique. Also, successful concepts from the past may become obsolete quickly and inapplicable in the continuously changing Asian business environment. We train our consultants to be able to adapt quickly and consider four areas as an integral part of our consulting process:

Conduct in-depth analysis of organizations showing high degree of complexity. The reason why many improvement initiatives fail is because not all important aspects have been considered. It is important to interview ALL levels of employees in the organization, often including the company's clients or vendors to cross-validate the findings with hard data.

Clients are often impressed on how much more they understand their business through our analysis of their organization.

Aim for Management Innovation

  • Most of the concepts are based on the Western culture and may not work in Asia
  • Management problems are too complex to believe that a simple standard solution will solve all problems
  • Famous management concepts are becoming obsolete quicky in today's fast changing environment
  • Most of these concepts have proven not to produce ROI in many cases
  • If everybody is doing it, the client does not achieve any differentiation

DMJC consultants know the common concepts. However, we usually only apply some aspects of these concepts - the ones that really fit to the client's business environment and hence really add value. Most importantly, we dare to question if a popular management philosophy is valid and fits into the Asian business environment or not.


Consider People Aspects

Many great concepts never get implemented because the people aspects have been overlooked in the design phase. Sometimes it is just one individual that was overlooked, thus resultig in the failure of the implementation. We are very people driven. We give our client's insight on how fast they can move and give recommendations on how to deal with people issues that will surface during the implementation.

Truly Live Client Commitment

We usually work in very complex environments. Many projects show high dynamics, mostly because people influence solutions and communication approaches significantly, therefore strong commitment to client's success is essential to deliver real tangible value. DMJC consultants are not satisfied if we don't feel that the client has a much better understanding about the dynamics of their company and if the future vision we draw for our client is not an achievable way to success. We are committed.

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